Jim Jamz

Proud to manufacture in the UK!

Rosie Cressey

We’re proud to say that our Jim Jamz are designed, manufactured and packaged in the UK. When starting our Jim Jamz journey it was really important to us that we found a factory in the UK to produce our much-loved designs. After much searching we found a lovely factory in Nottingham, run by two experienced, brilliant women with a team of 15 skilled machinists.

At Jim Jamz we feel passionately about supporting independent factories and manufacturing in this country, we want to celebrate the skills and craftsmanship that the UK has to offer!

While we understand that UK manufacturing can no way compete with the prices of China or India, what you can be guaranteed of is quality and peace of mind that you know where and who made your product. We heard a quote recently that resonated, “the UK may have lost the battle for cheap but we can win the battle for quality” and quality is something you’ll definitely find with our Jim Jamz pyjamas.